SahyaQFFlyer’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

You get tested for tower

I mean very few traffic or none

Like you can get random plane fly at your airport sometimes

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You know the airport you will control. But I recommend airports with parallel runways at the beginning, I don’t know if you already have a good knowledge of ATC, but if it’s your beginning, I recommend parallel runways and then go to intersection runways. LLBG have 3 runways crossing, it is not an easy task for new controllers.

Hope this helps :)


Ok @Populeux_Music I’m at FAOR controlling ground and tower

Yeah that’s why I’ve switched to FAOR @Arthur

That! Good

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Everyone join it’s empty at the airport

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People do this voluntarily, sadly it can be very difficult to get a few users to come. Best bet is maybe create an event or have a group of you together at an organised time. I’m in a flight so I won’t join you.

Ok I’m finally leaving this topic full of circles.

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Wait @SahyaQFFlyer wanna make an event together

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If you wanna make and plan an event, please do so via a PM, it’ll just clutter the thread.


Yes but I already have a flyout @Populeux_Music

Ok I’ve just approved someone for pushback

What’s your event

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Please keep comments like these to yourself, or in a PM with the other controller. They just become annoying and clutter the thread. Being Training Server, next it’ll be ‘I just cleared a guy to 500,000ft’.


I’ve told you In a PM @Populeux_Music

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Sorry, I was the misterious plane you check pusback, I had to go

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It’s all good @BinaryChess

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Hey @SahyaQFFlyer are you still open?

If not make sure to edit a topic to “CLOSED”

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