Saharsh's Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hi, all! I am an IFATC Specialist who is currently training to be radar qualified. Radar qualified controllers, also known as Officers, have the ability to control Approach, Departure, and Center frequencies.

I will be opening up on the Training Server to get more practice, enabling me to reach my goals faster. Feel free to fly radar patterns or just fly inbound from a nearby airport. To fly radar patterns, simply takeoff, request an approach, fly that approach, land, and repeat!

Please report all separation busts and inefficiencies. Let me know below if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you!

Status: Closed

Server: Training Server

Airport: N/A

Runway(s) in Use: N/A

Approach Types: ILS, Visuals, Radar Vectors

Miscelaneous Notes: Feel free to use STARs!

Terrain Busts occur when the aircraft is less than 1000ft above terrain at any one point.

Aircraft Busts occur when the aircraft is less than 3nm away from any other aircraft(s).

Read more about separation requirements here.

Thread approved by @ToasterStroodie. I will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries.


Hello, feel free to tag me when you’re open and I will see if I can stop by :)

I can come before 2230Z all days

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Currently open at SKRG for radar patterns!

Thanks for opening. I will be on my way after my flight which is landing shortly :)

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See you there!

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How long will yoy be open for?

Probably for another 30-45 minutes

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Can I help you with Tower and ground? In order for more people to arrive :)

No thanks, I’d rather have pilots communicate between me and UNICOM only to replicate a training scenario

Now closed, thanks all for coming!

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I crashed :(, but it doesn’t matter, thanks to you!

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Hello Saharsh,

I was G-HYCO and I have feedback for your radar session at SKRG.

I totally suggest that you increase the altitudes in your plan by 1000ft, as I had a terrain bust of 300 AGL on the visual base. Also, increasing the altitudes is perfectly fine. :)

Other than that, everything was handled well! GPS approach and vectoring assignments were great! Also, always feel free to tag me. I won’t budge if you tag me every day and probably most others don’t too, but always ask permission before doing so. :)

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Currently open at OAKB!

ugh my app crashed. coming back now

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  • Visual approach was good
  • 11.000ft on downwind/10.000ft on base would´ve worked better I think as I was a little above the glideslope on my ILS approach
  • too late intercept on ILS approach
  • Don´t directly clear me again after M/A. First say ´excecute missed apporach, turn right heading 280, descend and maintain 9.000ft. then you can clear me again at either 9000ft or 85000ft depending on the GS.

Rest was all good!

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Thanks for the feedback and stopping by!

Congrats and welcome to the world of being an IFATC Officer!