Saharsh's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LFBO *PRACTICAL PASSED*

Nvm sorry can’t come

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youre good

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Are you still open, because there is no ATC at KAUS?

Nope just closed sorry

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Roger that, tag me when you open!

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Alrighty! Here is your feedback.


  • I was sequenced as #1 to the runway, and J-AKEY cam in front of me. I needed to receive a resequence. Or, you could’ve told J-AKEY “Enter left downwind, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind.” and he would’ve followed that sequence.

  • When me and J-AKEY both requested runway changes, try not to keep them on upwind for a while, and it is fine if you tell him to enter right downwind for 35L in the circumstance.

  • When me and J-AKEY was on downwind for runway 35L and 35R, you could’ve said to J-AKEY or me, “Extend downwind, I’ll call your base” and tell one of us to turn base when the other aircraft is fully established on base.

  • J-AKEY’s runway exit command was late. You should always try and aim for 30-40 GS in GA aircraft, and 60-70 knots in jet aircraft. You also should’ve included “Please expedite, traffic on final” as there was traffic on short final at that time.

  • You should’ve cleared me for number 1 to the runway as the aircraft I was following had already crossed the runway threshold.

  • My exit runway command was late, and you should’ve included “Please expedite, traffic on final” because TKVA10 was on final at that time.

  • TKVA10’s "Maintain slowest practical speed was “unnecessary”. Aircraft are likely at their final approach speed so this command isn’t needed.

  • TKVA10 should’ve been instructed to go around because I was still present on the runway while he was crossing the runway threshold.

Overall, not bad! Try and improve on the things that I’ve stated above, and if you haven’t already, fill out an application form for an ATC trainer.

I hope you do make it into IFATC, and good luck!

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Open at LFBO this is my last tracking thread before my practical today so it would be greatly appreciated if you could stop by


Hi, I was N03MN. Overall, excellent job, especially with sequencing and clearing everyone quickly.

One minor thing is when I requested to change to 32L, you put me in the right downwind when left would be a lot easier.

Airbus 2 clearly had no idea what they were doing or was trying to test you, so good job with the already cleared to land.

The one mistake was you told me to go around when I was lined up for 32L and there was a takeoff on 32R. Not exactly sure why that was necessary as there was no conflict.

Finally, the frequency change approved came at the perfect time.

For some advice on the practical - have a plan. Be ready for anything because there will obviously be more than 2-3 planes in the pattern and they could test you on anything in the manual. Good luck!

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Yeah, I thought you were gonna land 32R but when I told you to go around I didn’t mean to. I have no idea what Airbus 2 is doing he’s doing a 10 mile final each time but thanks for the feedback


I passed my practical!!! This can now be closed


Wait why is this tracking thread still open? A mod should close it I think…


I flagged it a long time ago


Congrats, and hope that your enjoying being apart of IFATC!