Saharsh's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LFBO *PRACTICAL PASSED*

Status - OPEN at KBUF
Please help me reach my dream of being IFATC. If I make any mistakes please let me know.

Services - Tower and Ground

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I’ll drop by real quick.

Thank you i really appreciate it


i did soo bad



I was Iberia 298. Here is some Feedback:

  • Transition was to high, 3500ft would have been fine.

  • I announced inbound for landing and it took you quite a while to give a command back. You also cleared me for the option and gave no pattern instruction and no sequence. Both of these are very important commands.

Remember if an aircraft announces Inbound for Landing to give a pattern entry, sequence (if applicable) and then clear to land/option

I can’t give Feedback on anything else as you then went offline.



G-TOBY here
I had one inbound landing and you initiated a go around I was 4nm out and with the opposing aircraft just touch down a slowest practical speed probably would have sufficed. Also I would have rather you stay online for a big longer. Happy Flying!

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Hello there,

Feedback is as follows:

  • Starz reported position multiple times after already being cleared, sometimes you told him he was already cleared and others you just simply said roger. I think you might have been unsure; just to clarify if you’ve cleared someone and they report position you can tell them they’re already cleared to land (this does NOT apply to clearing someone for the option and then they report full stop, in which you just say “roger”)

  • With my original take off, Starz was too close to me on final and you missed his go around, always try to be proactive about looking for potential conflicts. You also should’ve cancelled my takeoff clearance since the chances of me flying up into him were very high with him going around. Luckily, that didn’t happen

  • No traffic direction given on initial takeoff. If a pilot is remaining in the pattern, always give pattern direction on takeoff

  • Late initial sequence

  • Sequenced me as number 2 when I was actually number 3 in the pattern. This happened twice.

  • Multiple times you gave commands such as “extend downwind”, “I’ll call your base”, “maintain slowest practical speed” and other commands like this. Given the scenario, these commands were unnecessary. I see many new controllers who get worried about spacing and send commands such as those. You must count on the pilots to maintain safe spacing. You should only use these commands if we’re flying under IFR rules (like in low visibility or harsh weather) or if you need to get more space for departures. If planes get too close on final and you risk having two planes on the runway, give a go around. That is always the best thing to do.

  • When I requested a runway change, you only cleared me. When someone requests runway change (or inbound for landing) you must give a pattern entry, sequence (if needed) and clearance at minimum. I was only granted a clearance. Also, you didn’t provide a traffic direction in the option clearance.

  • When I reported full stop, you said “roger” then cleared me to land. This is unnecessary as the option already covers this. In this situation, all you need to do is say roger.

  • You told me to exit runway before I had even touched down 😅 I’m not sure if you thought that I was down because it’s difficult to tell from tower or what. Assuming you thought I was already down, I was well above safe exit speed. Remember, for most planes, exit runway commands should be issued between 70 - 40 knots, roughly. I was still in the 100’s.

  • You gave Iberia 298 a transition altitude of 4000, however due to the elevation of the airfield 3500 would have been fine. Remember for transitions, airport elevation + 2500 = transition altitude (rounded up to the nearest 500). KBUF has an elevation of 724 ft. so adding 2500 to that rounds up to 3500.

  • You broadcasted your closing announcement. Many young controllers forget to do that so good job on letting us know you’re closing soon 👍

I understand this feedback is very lengthy but I tried to contain as much information as possible so that you can learn and do even better next time. I highly recommend reading the ATC manual which can be found under the ATC Training topic as well as watching Tyler’s “Perfect ATC Test” on YouTube. Both of these are very informational and will help you tremendously. Also, if you apply for IFATC, I recommend applying for training as well (once you finish the written with 65% or above) as trainers suited to help you and prepare you for the practical.

Thanks for the service, I needed to get some more landings in.

Good luck,



Hello, I was VSCOGIRL, IPP IFC NOTSTARZ, and here is my review

You need some improvement. I’ll be adding timeslots so you can go back and watch.

Everything up to 17:15 is good, no problems there.

[17:16] - You cleared me for a left 360. This was unnecessary and a simple extend downwind or I’ll call your base would have been fine.

[17:19] - You cleared me to land, and cleared @reer104 to line up while on short final, causing me to go around. Please be aware you surroundings when giving clearance.

[17:20] - You gave me the right go around proceedure, that’s good. You did not clear me to land again which is necessary, so keep that in mind.

[17:22] - I gave you a little nudge by announcing my final to remind you that I wasn’t cleared, ignored with a Roger.

[17:22] - I am forced to go around again as I haven’t gotten clearance to land. G/A #2

[17:22] - You warn me for no reason for duplicate landing reports

I do my go around thingy, and now im on final again.

[17:24] - I announce I am on Final for the third time, once again, no clearance and brushed with a roger.

[17:25] - G/A #3

[17:27] - You’ll call my base, and called it when I was at the end of the cone, when Base at halfway would be efficient as there was no one there.

[17:31] - Once again, on final, ignored.

[17:32] - Go Around #4 and Unnecessary Warning

[17:33] - You cleared Iberia 298 way to high, it should have been 2500 over airport elevation

[17:34] NORTA890 is told to turn base at the end of the cone, leaving me behind them past the cone. Again, a simple halfway clear would suffice.

[17:38] - I say on final, again ignored with no clearance, Go Around #4 (i think i lost count)

[17:39] I say i’m on final full stop, then you sign out.

Main Issues: You forgot to give me clearance after a go around, Left 360s are unnecessary, and when extending downwind and calling base, they don’t have to go to the end of the cone.

Review the tutorials a bit more, and you should be ready for IFATC in no time!


Thank you all for the feedback! Hopefully next time ill do better.


One last thing: I would recommend opening an airport with parallel runways next time, as those are the ones most commonly used in tests/trainings, and will help with your runway changes.

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Open at LFBO
Services: Tower and Ground
Please stop by if you have a chance

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Tower and Ground open

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I would come one day but I literally know barely anything abt IFATC

KAUS open on TS
Need to get better at sequencing aircraft


i will come

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Thank you i greatly appreciate it


Ill stop by bro

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I will be there in 20 mins is that ok

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sounds good


Hint: tell J-AKEY to enter right downwind 35L.

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