Saf's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KLAS

Hey IFC. Currently in radar training and would love to have some extra practice!

Airport info and server:

Server: Training
Airport: LZKZ
Runway: 01
Approaches: ILS, Visual, Radar Vectors, GPS


  • No flight plans except a GPS approach procedure.
  • I have permission from my trainer to open this.
  • Feel free to post feedback here or PM me!



Ping list

Would really appreciate if you guys could attend!


Ooh, you started radar? So exciting, I’ll try to stop by as much as I can! Add me to the ping list

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Pushed back by 30 mins, forgot I signed up to a TT

LZKZ Approach is now open! @Delta174J

Feedback Air Red 102

  • No issues

Recommendation: You could have put me higher (8k-12k) so that my ground speed was higher and expedite my arrival

Thank you for service!

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Cheers @Syjalo !

LZKZ Approach is closed

Add me to the ping list!

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Will open at 2024-05-27T07:00:00Z !

@Delta174J @whyevenbothernaming

Hey there! I can join but I will not give feedback as radar isn’t my strong suite (yet). If you don’t want me joining as I can’t give feedback, that’s perfectly fine!

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You’re good! Just report if you lose separation minimums and the widths of downwinds.

LZKZ Approach is open!

@Delta174J @whyevenbothernaming

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Sorry about the wait, trying to climb at a high enough altitude quick

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@danii lol you okay?

No I’m flying while laying down and it’s harder to control fo some reason 💀

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Oh yeah the amount of times my phone fell on my face while doing this…

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I didn’t even drop it, the plane just doesnt fly lol

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  • The only feedback I have is some of the commands that were unnecessary such as “airspace is crowded, expect delays” and “please check surroundings”

Otherwise I think it went fine! I could send the replay to your trainer if you’d like feedback from them!

Oh that was meant to be a joke lol
Thanks for the feedback!

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Ohh, yeah I got confused because I checked the map and airspace was empty đź’€

Haha, yeah my bad I should have told you beforehand

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You’re good! Would you like me to PM the replay to your trainer?