Hello right now I’m flying from egll to jfk on expert and suffered a single engine failure. Should I be good to continue

Im in a A380

There are no engine faliures in Infinite flight. :)

Are you seeking attention or something because IF does not have engine failures.

I would recommend turning it back on in systems :)


Thank you @Hymenopus_Coronatus

Yes with infinite passengers

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In that case. divert :)

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U sure because I heard is still safe to fly with 3 engines

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Its not real world procedure. IRL there could be a fire or system faliure

A380s can fly with 3 engines, just watch your fuel. The easiest solution, however, is to turn that thing back on in systems, which I highly recommend. If you get ghosted at KJFK because you were messing with your engine and interfered with others, that’s on you.


What airport can take me

It is not a real world procedure to turn off the engine in systems and call an emergency ESPECIALLY on expert… just a humble warning.

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Ill find you on live flight :) whats your server?

I’m on expert passed Boston a little

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TURN YOUR ENGINE BACK ON! Wait… no you just want to get ghosted… no cap🤷🏾‍♂️

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KBOS can handle the A380


if your that close, continue to JFk. @Nicholas_Henry Its his decision, we should help him get to his dest safely if he insists.

Expert server isn’t for that roleplay


I’ll take anybody’s advice. I dont care for the attention

I would switch your engine on. If you want the faliure just continue to KJFK :)