Safety Videos/Boarding Process

Okay this is going to sound silly but does anyone else play videos from the airlines while taxiing to make it feel more real? I fly a lot of Hawaiian Airlines routes and I pretty much know all of their boarding music/process and I play them while I prepare my flights and taxi. Wanted to know if I am the only crazy one who does this? Lol


Nah, that requires too much work. I just hop on the expert server, load the lovely flight plan, and put autopilot on. But if I do have the time I will.


I believe there is an app called “infinite Passengers” that does this.

But I never do this.


Simple answer, never have never will.


Inflight assistant and infinite passengers both have safety PAs (if passengers have actual airline ones)


Hey no shame it! I do it also. Nerdy, yes, but it does add a lot of realism.


Dope!!! Never even knew about that thanks


Anytime! Glad I could help

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Lol nerdy for sure but you might as well make it the full experience


i always use IF-Assistant and IF-Passengers to add more realism on my flight.


I personally don’t. However, if infinite flight added this feature within the app I would definitely do this.

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Actually infinite passengers show a violation notifcation if you forget strobe/landing lights but that feature can be used as a checklist


If you know the script, you can always do it yourself as well. 😏


TBH I think the realism part is more about the required time between pushback and takeoff. In Canada it would be longer than the US, cuz two languages for safety demo.
Fun fact: Last time I flew Air China, we took off BEFORE safety demo was done…


Wow that’s crazy!!! That’s probably illegal in the US lol

I’ve flown on a flight in Canada with WestJet surprisingly by the time we got to the runway they were both done, the video is longer yes. But still done before you’re near the runway, if i remember correctly

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I know what you mean. Like the way your able to open some of the cargo doors on some aircraft. It would be cool if there was a Jetty, a bus and stairs for smaller terminals, a fuel truck, luggage trolley and more. There could be a button in the systems menu to make them go away, I know it’s a lot to ask, and I’m not saying it should 100% be in the game, but it would be cool.

@Shakaboy don’t be ashamed! I do it every AA flight I do in IF feels more realistic and adds so much more to ur flight :)

ye but it has its bugs I might switch on to IF operations

I got an E-Reader app on my iPhone and I typed up every announcement that is said during a flight and then I play each announcement at certain times during the flight, and it is very realistic!