Safety Video Timings

Hello, I’ve been having some issues with the timings of my safety video. I generally fly for BA so it’s exactly 5 mins. But recently this has seemed a long time, and not finished when I’m ready for takeoff, so I’ve had to hold until it’s finished. How can I avoid this? Play some of it while parked? I was wondering what a real pilot would do in this situation.

Play some of the video while parked because airlines never want to be late. :)


Yes that does sound right, although to be fair it would then delay our departure still, we’d be at the gate longer! So the boarding-air time is still longer.

Yes do it while parking and pushback

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What is the safety video

Are you remembering that during / after pushback, the aircraft would normally be stationary for around 3-4 minutes during engine startup, control surface checks, flap settings (pre taxi checklist) etc… Most people just pushback then taxi within seconds - never happens in the real world. That’s where younger that extra time

Sorry I meant during pushback

The vx safety video is also 5 minutes.

Anyone seen Delta’s new safety video? I’m only 15 so it really appealed to me, you sure get a kick out of it.

Starting a plane in Infinite Flight and starting a real plane (+ pre-start checklist) is not the same thing.
We don’t have to take the engine start selector to IGN/START, push the masterswitch, check ECAM actions, check flight controles…etc.

For the safety video, it depends on the airline. It is generally started just before engine start and finished during taxi (if the pilots and the ground staff are ready so that the plane starts taxiing towards the runway. If not, the saftey demo will simply finish before taxi).

I have never seen a safety video displayed during push-back.

BA’s SOP is to start the safety video as soon as pushback commences.

Oh! I flew BA between Heathrow and Orly, the video started after push-back.

Anyway, as @SkyHawk flies BA, he got his answer!

I can only think that was a one off perhaps that it was started a little later?

I can only speak from my own experience (100+ flights this year alone mostly shorthaul/domestic) and as soon as pushback commences you get the door to automatic call, and then once that is done the video is started whilst pushback is still going on. The BA video is fairly long so at some smaller airports there isn’t a great deal of gap needed to secure the cabin between the video finishing and getting to a runway.

Y’all seen the Thai airways safety video? Cabin crew don’t bother with a demo but it usually starts before pushback as it goes for five minutes.

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