Safety versus service

As a passenger would you rather fly on a carrier with the best service but worst safety record or best safety but worst service?


Put it this way: I’d rather get off in once piece rather than have my Pepsi served in a glass as opposed to a plastic cup.


Safety record hands down. I don’t require beverage service and I would rather the inconvenience of a flight being delayed or cancelled rather than the airline operating an unsafe aircraft to make the departure.


The safety record doesn’t tell anything unless it was poor training or something. But still I wouldn’t risk myself


I rather have a sandwich with expired bread, seat in uncomfortable chairs and being insulted by a flight attendant than fly in a plane that then breaks apart in mid air.


Safety especially when most American carriers dont have the best of service, you just get used to not being offered real meals on shorter flights, but on long haul flights, safety and god service is really appreciated.(Long haul as in anything over 7 hours)

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You can always substitute in flight service with your own food and download entertainment, but there’s no substitute for the safety. That’s why I would choose safety over service.


I think the second option!

Really? That is not bad service, its… i don’t know… definitely not bad service

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I’d certainly choose safety. I need to be alive to enjoy (good) service… However, statistics can be deceiving.

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This topic reminds me of this Volkswagon advert:

I choose safety over comfort any day. However in the early 2000s after Korean Air had a series of incidents, they dropped their prices big time to get customers back.

I was able to fly from Heathrow to Sydney and back (via Seoul) for less than half the price the other airlines were charging.
The service was good too :)

I’d actually go with the best service but worst safety. I’d take my chances and if something were to happen at least I went out with the best. Life is too boring for me without a worthy risk.

Best sevice nowadays in economy is whether the flight attendants smile at you 😂

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