Safety tips: don’t pushback with unsecured aircraft doors

I’ll keep this short and brief - perhaps the simulator should trigger a warning to the user when any doors are not secured if the aircraft is in motion? An example is like how the fuel dump mechanism is restricted by certain altitude and weight parameters.

I don’t think the pilot (in the background) meant to pushback with an open door and he would most certainly takeoff in this configuration if there were no warnings to alert him to it.

While it is a good request it is also up to the pilots to configure their aircraft properly for take off ;)

Also there is a glitch that some people get, where it looks like the doors are open on the other aircraft when they are actually fine.

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It a great request because some pilots forget to close doors. Unfortunately, I don’t have any votes anymore.

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You can also use checklists.

Good request, but I would change how the app would actually alert the pilot.

For me, it would alert the pilot similar to when a TFR is active, or you have switched to an active frequency automatically. A grey box would appear in the middle of the screen, alerting the pilots that one of their/multiple doors, cargo door, etc, are open. This way the pilots knows about the problem, but still having the decision to correct it or not.

I don’t have anymore votes tho :/