Safety tips: don’t pushback with unsecured aircraft doors

I’ll keep this short and brief - perhaps the simulator should trigger a warning to the user when any doors are not secured if the aircraft is in motion? An example is like how the fuel dump mechanism is restricted by certain altitude and weight parameters.

I don’t think the pilot (in the background) meant to pushback with an open door and he would most certainly takeoff in this configuration if there were no warnings to alert him to it.

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Should go in #features which needs TL2. Sorry to be that kind of person, since you are TL2, go to features and type this into it :)

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Thanks for the advice. You’re not “that kind of person”. You’re being helpful.

Maybe they’re just airing out the cabin.


If you’d like to request a feature, definitely head over to the #features category.

Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to check your aircraft before takeoff.

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Or he could just be like Swiss: “Jeez, why is it so loud” then looks outside

I’ve done this before as well. I recommend using a checklist to ensure this doesn’t happen and you’ve planned properly, but yeah this is a good idea for a feature. Hopefully something like this will be implemented when the 777-300 comes out.

Remove the tag, they like to keep the players names anonymous and to not embarrass them

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