Safety message and Co-pilot voice?

Hello fellow aviators.

I’m new here, and relatively new to IF. I’ve been watching some youtube videos of IF to learn, and to watch them fly.

One of the youtubers (Infinity Flight Multiplayer), has the safety message playing while on pushback, along with the Co-pilot announcing V1, Rotate, and V2 on takeoff.

I haven’t come across those messages while playing on Live. Are those native to the game, or are they using another app to play those voices?


There is a #thirdparty app called In-Flight Assistant that enables those features for you. I can really recommend it, it brings realism in IF to a new level, Very fun to use. I’ts available both on Android and iOS.


Yes as @Marc stated they could have a #thirdparty app such as infinite passengers or infinite flight assistance

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Marc beat me to it 🙂

As above… highly recommend it, oh and welcome to the community!


Thanks so much. That’s the app I was looking for. Good day.

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@epaga has developed some really cool third-party apps for the sim. Give his profile a visit and check them out! Welcome to the community.

Infinite Flight Assistant is the awesome app that you are hearing in the background.

Also, welcome to the community!

@Marc isn’t IFA very expensive? Or is it worth it

Well it depends what you need. I paid CHF 20.- for everything.

Basic App: CHF 5.-
Pax Announcement: CHF 5.-

That’s around USD 20.- as well. You know, it’s not cheap that’s true. But in my opinion it is worth it. I use it every time I fly so if bring it down to the costs per flight it’s not that expensive anymore. And it supports @epaga so he can add more cool stuff to the app 😊


Okay thanks @Marc I’ll consider it🙃

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Thanks for the shoutout, @Marc! And let me know if you have any questions, @Suhas!


Lucky, I spent the money on Vpicd recognition that’s broked bc of my accent

Another app I would recommend is Infinite Crew it has real world airline safety announcements and boarding music as well as the standard pa announcements

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