Safe zone on iPhone 11

I recently started playing Infinite Flight on my iPhone 11 more than my iPad and i realized that there was a problem with the safe zone. The N1 percentage above the thrust was cut in half and part of the gear button also. I’ve noticed there is a little scroll wheel type thing on the side but I dont know if I can use it. Can anyone help cause its getting annoying.

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Odd because when I use IF on my iPhone 11 its fine.


Im going to try deleting IF and then reinstalling.

Is this an issue you can recreate in the homescreen/other apps on your device?

If by some chance you have your screen zoomed in your settings this may be the cause go into your display and brightness settings and check

That’s my thinking right there yeah.

That’s weird, my iPhone 11 runs it just fine.

I don’t think it is an issue with IF @Vinne.

By ‘it’ I thought you meant IF,

But I think it is something the OP has changed in his device settings. PM for further discussion.

Found out why. It wasn’t IF, but it was because i had my display on zoom. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. I appreciate it a lot!

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