Safe to fly on 19.4 on expert now?

Can you get ghosted by center if you fly on 19.4 on ES right now?

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Nope you will be fine.

You won’t have access to centre, controllers on the latest version may not be able to contact you anyway.

Also with any update there is a transition period so you should be fine, all IFATC will be aware of the differences between users versions


Honestly that’s a good question. I’m not sure. I’d still recommend updating to 20.1 if able, but as @Chatta290 said you should be fine.

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Nope! You should be ok, no matter what IFATC will be very lenient I’m sure because everyone’s going to be uncertain about how to use certain features.

Obviously I don’t have the update yet lol

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Neither does a good percentage of IFATC. You’ll be alright :)

I think if you sleeping the center would know when the last time you touched the screen

In the IFATC Slack, we have all been informed to not give warnings/vios to pilots flying yet when controlling center

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Thanks. Topic can be closed


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