Safe distance?

Hello, I was just warned by ATC at EGBB to maintain a safe distance with the aircraft ahead.

Would you say that this is a safe distance? As this is what I was criticized for,


  • Yes
  • No

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I’m pretty sure it is btw :/

Ye that’s fine nothing wrong with that

  1. Was this the actual distance at the time you received the warning?
  2. Have a look at some real life aircrafts taxxiing, and check their taxi distance.

Yes it was the distance, I was stationary when he warned me

I say yes and no, it’s on the taxiway, so the chance is small that something could happen… but the minimum distance between the aircrafts must be 5 NM.

not 5NM on the ground though


Hmm, I don’t know, because there’s a small distance.

ok but look at the aircraft in front of me, he is basically equidistant from me and the other plane so other people are using a similar distance

Just give a little bit of extra space if that’s what atc told you. Not a big deal


thanks, it’s just that I always use this distance and have never been told off before

hello I was there when they said the notice

I saw the space between you and the other plane and I must say that the space is correct

but it would not be bad a bit more

but that’s fine

Thanks, great that you were there. It was just like the controller was implying I was dangerously close :D

Thats in the air, not on ground. Otherwise you’d be seperated 9 kilometers on the taxiway which isn’t possible.


@Alfster was this incident at the time you posted this or 4-5 houts ago…? I recommend contacting the controller. if its 40min ago as when you posted this, then contact @ADDY28 or if it’s 4-5 hours ago. you can PM me.

@Adam_Macaulay was the ground controller

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It was at the time of posting but wasn’t @ADDY28

Thanks, I knew it wasn’t you :)

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then its adam Macaulay. as addy mentioned. you can PM him. he can explain you.

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All good just one thing next time just contact the controller no need to make a topic for this.

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