Safe distance from previous aircraft at the take off

So I just got in situation in IF live expert server, were I was in London City airport, already lined up and waiting for takeoff clearance. As soon as the previous (TBM) planes wheels took up from runway I was cleared to takeoff (CRJ700). I wanted to wait a little bit, so the distance between me, and the previous aircraft would be bigger, so there would be no dangerous flying closer to the smaller aircraft. I was standing on runway and waiting for distance to get bigger, but after 10 to 15 sec the ATC ask to follow instructions, if not I will be ghosted. In this situation I had no chance, but to make very risky TO.
What is your thoughts? What would you do in this kind of situations?

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I can understamd that the tbm is a lot slower, but you could takeoff and make an immediate turn after clearing the airport, or alternatively in some cases its fine because at heathrow for example, as soon as the nose is off the ground, the plane behind is already starting to spool up


The distance really depends on an airplane. If TBM takes off, they will need slightly more separation but not as much as Cessna for example. Also, big planes need more separation due to the wake turbulence.

Controller should know better. Maybe the TBM was doing sharp turns and remaining in the pattern and your flight paths would not meet?..

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The controller should consider aircraft performance in this short windows, however you could turn or climb - you can climb much faster than the TBM ;).

Here is the communication with ATC.

In this case it’s better to take off. There might be inbound aircraft coming in and I don’t think that you want to stress the controller:))

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Okay, thank you all for advice. See you in the air! :)

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Please reach out to the controller via DM - @Koiix

Does the simulation of wake turbulence exist in IF?
Or do we just pretend that it’s there and keep things as realistic as possible?

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No, not yet.

Yes, that’s the right sentence:) It really depends on a controller but I prefer it this way


I understand. I’ve been wondering for quite some time actually, but that clears things up, thanks :)

I’ll keep pretending and keeping a safe distance between me and others ;)


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