Sadly Underrated :( [Reupload]

I spent most my days in New York City, right under the famous Canarsie approach for JFK… But I also have a place in Sarasota Florida, and Rome, New York. I am aware many people have heard of sarasota, but as I look up KRME, or Rome New York on IFC, the only things that come up are my own posts (at time of writing this). I am curious if anyone has heard of this airport, better yet, flew to it on IF, even better, saw in real life? It is a former Air Force base, and former host of world famous concert, Woodstock ‘99! Rome is a beautiful little city, east of Syracuse New York, but north of Utica. About 5 hour drive from NYC.

It is now mainly a general aviation airport, although it does serve Netjets, about twice a day usually. No commercial airliners fly to it. However, the air National guard uses it for training! It is normal to see C-5s, c-17s, and KC135s performing touch and goes. Another thing to note, is it is a big hub for dissembling aircraft. For example, there is almost always at least two 747-400s parked near the hangar. On top of all of this incredible facts, it is also home to Eastern Air Defense Sector building, which played a big roll in getting everyone on the ground on 9/11! They also have an incredible B-52 bomber that was based at this airport when it was operational to the Air Force completely! Here are some photos of the base that I took!

#4, the b-52 tail I am proud of if I do say so myself lol. As I said, please let me know your stories (if you have any)

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Should I make an ultimate guide about this airport on the ground school page 🤔

I have heard of Rome, NY actually! It looks very beautiful! I saw it from 36,000 feet onboard a JetBlue A220-300 on a flight from KMSP-KBOS last summer.

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Very cool! Boston flights almost always fly over that area. We also see some flights going to or from anywhere in Eurasia! Both at cruising.

Nice! It looked very scenic.

It is indeed! There is many things to do there, such as skiing, fishing, and hiking on the beautiful waterfall sides, lakes, and cliffs!

It kind of sounds like the North Shore (of Lake Superior) in Minnesota!

Side note: these photos were also taken in April, it gets very pretty in summer and fall! Another fun thing to do is go stargazing there, as there is barely any light pollution! Believe it or not, for a while, I thought what I saw moving in the night sky was planes, but now I researched that it really is satellites!

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