Sad video abandoned 747 and 727 and boneyards

This will probably be closed pretty quick but thought I would share this finding


Very cool video indeed. I think I remember seeing some video a while back where some motor cross bike was flying through a graveyard like this. Lol #offtopic by me but thanks for sharing!


Last one I’ll post. I edited the title

This one is all military jets

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Oh man… I was so saddened… yet so intrigued. Those 722’s looked in moderate condition. If they were ever returned to service, I don’t think it would’ve been that hard to restore.


It is very depressing to see some amazingly wonderful pieces of physical and or even mental engineering laid to rest due to the fact that they will most likely never fly again :(


Ahhh how I miss Northwest… Delta, bring them back!!!

I actually think there should be more places like this, just for people to explore and discover. I would love to go someplace like that, especially with views that good… And just think, all those aircraft, each built by their respective companies, once transported thousands if people world wide. The way aviation has evolved… it’s simply awesome, yet so nostalgic. When I grow up, I want to own a retired commercial jet, restore it, and remind people what a privilege it is to fly on midern jets and the course of history might have been much different without these airplanes.

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I can’t stop dreaming about this… These marvelous, abandoned, classic aircraft may be recycled to make a new plane. Heck, it’s very likely that’s already happened. There’s probably parts that have been recycled and reformed 3 times over just to be put on another plane. So, in a sense, these planes will likely fly again, kind of like reincarnation, whether those parts be installed on one plane or hundreds. But they wouldn’t be here without their designers, builders, and pilots, who contributed so much to aviation. Each and every one of them. From the likes Joe Sutter, William Boeing, “Kelly” Johnson… to us. We will see these planes back in our skies. But it’s up to us to keep it that way. We hold the future of these jets, and aviation as we know it. So don’t be sad. Be happy. Look forward to the future, but keep the past in touch.


I’ve watched this video previously, it is so sad! I am fascinated by these old aircraft.

It would be so cool to restore one of those 727s, and then fly it around the country offering tours. The downside is that the 727 is a gas guzzler, and you’d need a Flight Engineer. Those JT8Ds like their gas. :)


That is a sad video:-(

Nice Video sad to see 747s go away

May i ask where this boneyard is?

In which video. Think the second one is in Arizona

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