Sad MRJ news

It has been announced that the Mitsubishi Space Jet program will be permanently terminated. As stated above, the first aircraft delivery was originally supposed to be 2013. As probably many of you know this date was missed by far. The project included two variants. MRJ90, which was the bigger version and MRJ70, which was planned to fit into the special regulations in the US regional jet category. Moses Lake, Washington was used as the test flying facility. The project was put on halt in October 2020, however they stopped test flying and started firing people in around April 2020. The project was affected by covid and financial issues. It went a lot over budget.

I’m personally very sad to see this go. I lives in two countries and studied in a language that wasn’t my mother tongue for 2,5 half years because of this project. My dad used to work in the project. It was a good aircraft, but being the first ever commercial aircraft made only by Japan, it had a few issues. Fixing those took a lot of time and money.

In 2020, Mitsubishi had four MRJ90s test flying in Moses Lake. 1,2 and 4 had MRJ liveries and 3 had an ANA livery first but it changed to Spacejet later on. All of them were a common sight over the town if Moses Lake.

I would have loved to see the plane fly for airlines, but I guess you can’t have everything. I’m really sad for Japan as well.


😭 Was really looking forward to this entering service.


Only a 10 year delay don’t know what they were complaining about 😂😂😂


Here’s the official statement from the president of Mitsubishi:

Sad, looked like an interesting plane. Just was taking too long to come out.

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Ikr. Only some minor setbacks😂

Had it been in production and actually put into service, Skywest would actually be the biggest customer, having to order 100 aircraft as opposed to other customers which only had like 10-32 aircraft on order

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That was for MRJ70 right?

It’s the 90

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Oh ok! I didn’t know (or forgot) about that

I’m sorry 😢…


I saw that yesterday😢 I bet some museum could have wanted it but oh well. It is what it is

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Now that Mitsubishi has the CRJ i guess a heavily delayed program just didn’t make snese

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Yeah. I mean talk about delayed. Even Boeing doesn’t reach MRJ levels

Mitsubishi produces billions annually of key aircraft components for the major established commercial aircraft manufacturers.

This sales amount is maybe pushing as much per year as Embraer and Bombardier do on average, who they would have been competing with if the MRJ went to market.

We are flying in Mitsubishi when we fly in a 787 or a380 for example, in parts of it anyway. And those are lucrative developed businesses.

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Man this is so sad, it would’ve been cool to have another airliner 😔

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