Sad life :(

Please help. I released the autopilot but accidentally forgot to calibrate the flight and crashed on approach after a 14 hour flight sigh. I think I need therapy. Whoever was holding short of runway 28L at KSFO and saw my mistake… I’m sorry lol!

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It happens, happened to me once on an extremely busy FNF i saved my plane but went from 2000ft to 500 in a blink of an eye. You just gotta learn from the mistake and prevent it next time:)


do you fly with a joystick?

Not really sure what you want help with bud. No point crying over spilt milk… Just don’t spill it again 🤷


True true! Just never happened to me so it just felt really weird. Definitely will not happen again that’s for sure

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Nope. I was flying on my Ipad!

That darn Carol Baskins


That’s ok. People made mistakes.

I recommend purchasing a joystick, it helps a ton and increases realism. Its a lot easier to fly VFR and not all the time using A/P

Not everyone has PCs to hook up the joysticks.

I know how it feels to have it not calibrated correctly form moving around the house with my iPad. Always remember to calibrate before taking it off autopilot. Also it helps to have a iPad case with a stand as it keeps the same position almost all the time. Just form person experience I always have it on a stand until I take autopilot off for final approach so I don’t have a hard time controlling it.

How bad was your worst flight?

I think this topic is more suited here

Hey Carol Baskins Im pretty sure u can get a converter that connects to an ipad

You don’t have to if you purchase a Raspberry Pi

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That’s a shame but treat it as a learning point. After similar incident I now have “recalibrate’ as part of my pre-landing final checklist. Better luck next time.

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What is going on with this forum…first the alligators, then the other weird thing and now this…

I’m just…,gonna…leave…😂🤣

the mods are probably in despair about us rn lmao


Exact same thing happened to me about a year ago… I was not calibrated and the nose just pitched up and I stalled with no recovery. In front of Misha 😬😅

After that I developed a severe condition of “Calibration OCD,” where I calibrate whenever I can.


I calibrate during over night flights when I hit cruise. It’s bad. I hit calibrate at least 10 times on approach.
There needs to be a thing where when you turn off autopilot it calibrated to your current position. It’s should be an option I think it would solve a lot of problems with this because I see it all the time on all servers.

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