Sacramento to Los Angeles! (American A321)

Hey everyone!

So I was finally able to do an actual flight! Funny Thing is, I’m doing this while waiting for my real flight taking me to the Maldives soon!


Route: KMSF - KLAX
Aircraft: American A321
Flight time: Under 1 hour

Entering the runway at Sacramento

Rotating off in the sunset

Climbing out of Sacramento

Turning out of Sacramento

Thanks for looking, see you around!


Love the American livery during dusk/dawn. It’s so sleek and nice

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Up, up and away out of Sacramento you go. Nice pics!

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Gotta agree with you on that one, the grey looks amazing!

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Haha, out of Sacramento indeed! Thanks a lot man!

Also suggestions for next flights are suggested everyone! Please remember to stick to the non-pro regions when suggesting a flight 😉 I will tag the person that suggested the flight in the next topic!

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Ahhhhhh last one is a beauty!

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Thanks man, much appreciated!

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Great to see a American A321 topic once again on the IFC! The pictures look great, have a good trip and thanks for sharing!

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Thanks man!

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