Sacramento Region

This region could be a nice addition to IF because:

  1. It contains a large portion of the Central Valley. Which, to my understanding, contains lots of mountains.
  2. A variety of national forests.
  3. About half of Lake Tahoe.

Picture of the region:
Note that the black lines give a rough border of the region.
Note that some of the airports were not captured in this first picture.

Mather Airport (KMHR) (Not shown):
Description: Sacramento Mather Airport covers an area of 2,875 acres (1,163 ha) at an elevation of 99 feet (30 m) above mean sea level. It has two runways: 4L/22R is 6,040 by 150 feet (1,841 x 46 m) with an asphalt pavement; 4R/22L is 11,301 by 150 feet (3,445 x 46 m) with a concrete and asphalt surface. Used to be a military airport, now a county-owned public-use airport. The airport also has two helipads: H1 is 30 x 30 ft. (9 x 9 m); H2 is 100 x 100 ft. (30 x 30 m) which both have asphalt surfaces (From Wikipedia).

Sacramento International Airport (KSMF):
Description: Sacramento International Airport covers 6,000 acres (22 km²) and has two runways: 16L/34R: 8,605 x 150 ft. (2,623 x 46 m) Concrete 16R/34L: 8,598 x 150 ft. (2,621 x 46 m) Asphalt. Two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B (From Wikipedia).

Del Norte County Airport (KCEC) (Not shown):
Description: The airport covers 544 acres (220 ha) at an elevation of 61 feet (19 m). It has two asphalt runways: 11/29 is 5,000 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m) and 17/35 is 5,001 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m) (From Wikipedia).

Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC):
Description: A public airport that covers 540 acres (219 ha) and has three runways (2 lit) and a helipad. Of the three runways, two lighted: Runway 2/20 measures 5,503 ft x 150 ft. A Medium Intensity Approach Light System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR) is installed on Runway 2, while REIL and VASI are on Runway 20. The other runways are Runway 12/30, which are 3837 x 100 ft. / 1170 x 30 m with the surface as asphalt, and Runway 16/34, which are 3505 x 150 ft. / 1068 x 46 m with also the surface as asphalt. The helipad is 60 x 60 ft. / 18 x 18 m, also with the surface as asphalt. (From Wikipedia and AirNav).

Happy Camp Airport (36S) (Not shown):
Description: Happy Camp Airport has one runway: Runway 4/22: 3,000 x 50 ft (914 x 15 m). Surface: Asphalt. Elevation: 1209 ft. / 368.5 m. (From Wikipedia and AirNav).

Arcata-Eureka Airport (KACV):
Description: Arcata Airport covers 745 acres (301 ha) at an elevation of 222 feet (68 m). It has two asphalt runways: 14/32 is 6,046 by 150 feet (1,843 by 46 m) and 1/19 is 4,501 by 150 feet (1,372 by 46 m) (From Wikipedia).

Siskiyou County Airport (KSIY):
Description: Siskiyou County Airport is a public airport with one runway: Runway 17/35: 7,484 ft × 150 ft (2,281 m × 46 m). Surface: Asphalt (From Wikipedia).

Montague Yreka Rohrer Field (1O5):
Description: Montague Airport is 2527 ft. / 770 m above sea level. It has two runways: Runway 15/33 are 3360 x 50 ft. / 1024 x 15 m with an asphalt surface. The other runway, Runway 5/23, are 2080 x 100 ft. / 634 x 30 m with a turf surface (From Wikipedia and AirNav).

Trinity Center Airport (O86) (Not shown):
Description: Trinity Center Airport is a general aviation airport that is 2390 ft. / 728.5 m above sea level. Its only runway, Runway 14/32, is 3215 x 50 ft. / 980 x 15 m with an asphalt surface (From Wikipedia and AirNav).

Alturas Municipal Airport (KAAT) (Not shown):
Description: Alturas Municipal Airport is a city-owned public-use airport. It covers an area of 160 acres (65 ha) at an elevation of 4,378 feet (1,334 m) above mean sea level. It has two asphalt paved runways: 13/31 is 4,300 by 50 feet (1,311 x 15 m) and 3/21 is 3,096 by 60 feet (944 x 18 m) (From Wikipedia).

Wesinger Ranch (Not shown):
Description: The airport is a private airport and is 4300 ft. / 1311 m above sea level. Runway 18/36, the airport’s only runway, is paved with turf and are 2500 x 50 ft. / 762 x 15 m. (From AirNav).


What other main airports are there

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Cmon, spread it to Reno International Airport. :(

Carson will be very unhappy that he can’t fly to his own civilization. :(


I would have to look them up, which could take awhile. :P

Anyways, the airports up there are:

Arcata/Eureka Airport,
Sonoma County Airport,
and, of course, Sacramento International Airport.

The airport below Sacramento International is Sacramento Executive Airport. And to the right of that airport is Mather Airport (Not shown for unknown reasons).

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Sorry, California only!

To bad Carson, deal with it.

I will be adding photos of the airports to the first post, so stay tune.

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How far is this area from San Francisco?

Not to far.

Apparently, according to Google Maps, this region has around 20 airports! More work for me…

Or maybe they can expand the current SFO region and add those airports and even more, merge that with South California region and add part of Nevada. That’s a huge project.

Well, Global Flight would make that pointless. And it’s a long way ahead, so, yeah…

Global flight is a long way away…

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That’s what I said.

Anyways, back on topic.

Well, I found out there’s around 30-40 airports in the region, so I’m not going to post more about the airports.

How do you two know? No one knows, don’t make assumptions… :)

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Sorry for the confusion.

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Wesinger Ranch:

Case 1 = Humm… Got a taxi violation during take-off roll
Case 2 = trolls taxiing over 35 kts ^^
What will happens to Playground peanuts… ^^

Who would make all the airports?

The Airport dev team?