Hey! Today I did Sacramento, California to Kahului, Hawaii in a Southwest 737-800.

Flight Info

Server: Training
Plane: Southwest 737-800
Flight Time: 4:34

1. Taxi/Startup

2. Sneaky Tail Picture

3. Morning Departure

4. Enjoying the views of the Pacific at 36,000ft while sippin’ some tea!

5. Love there Heart livery. SW for life!

6. Starting descent into Kahului!

7. This is why I love flying into Kahului. So beautiful.

8. A shot of Maui’s Haleakala mountain!

correct me if the name/spelling is wrong on that

9. “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Maui on behalf of this crew”

That’s all from me! Hope you guys have a good time in the skies!

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As I’m new to this category, please correct me if I need to fix something.


Hey are you able to edit out the “Next WPT in <1 min” reminder?

Ye, I noticed that I should’ve probably done that. I’ll be sure to do it next post. I know the pictures aren’t the nicest also.

Its fine since its your first time just try to avoid these little discrepancies and you’ll be fine :)

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Lovely shots! Thanks for sharing:)

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Thank you!