Sabena DC10


I am making the feature request for this livery : the Sabena Douglas DC10

(not my image, credits to :

Sabena (aka Societé Anonyme Belge d’Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne) was the predecessor of Brussels Airlines. (btw, Brussels airlines took over many of the Sabena planes and Brussels airlines has the callsign “SN” because of Sabena)
The company has ordered 17 DC10s in her life and the last DC10 of the fleet has been retired in 1997, 4 years before bankrupt and the first DC10 inaugurated in the company was ordered in 1973.

I think that this could be a real nice livery to add in IF because it’s was a livery of the third oldest airlines in the world after KLM and Avianca that inaugurated in 1919, Sabena inaugurated in 1923.
I also think it is a really nice Livery with nice colors so let me know what you think about it.

Thank you for reading (it is my first post so feel free to tell me what to improve)

  • yes we need that livery
  • don’t really care about it
  • no it’s an ugly livery

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Nice request, make sure you include only 1 picture of the plane :)


A great idea for a livery. It would be great for historic airlines to be in Infinite Flight. Thank you for suggesting this, and also expanding our knowledge on the history of Belgian airlines!

But remember… It’s such a bad experience, never again.

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Thank you very much for voting and commenting ;)
I hope to learn you guys as much as I know :-)

What do you mean such a bad experience?

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It’s an acronym.


I’ve never flown Sabena so I have no idea whether they’re good.

Hahaha, nicely found ;)
It was a good airline until swiss people decided to buy Sabena, then it went terribly wrong and Sabena was declared bankrupt in 2001 :’(
And all that because of the SwissAir who bought 51% of Sabena’s actions then made bad things in the company then had no money in Sabena anymore…


I think its good to have Sabena and others historical livery on infinite flight

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Ok now we need the dc10

Would be nice to have some vintage liveries.

Remember too not add polls. It doesn’t make a difference. The Devs can filter which feature request has the most votes and consider adding it. Not by polls. Not a very good way too cheat the system.

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I honestly really don’t care for it:-/

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Well I’m adding the poll for me to see what the opinion of the community on the livery is, and it could be nice for everyone to see the general opinion ;) even for the devs, but it’s just a detail right? It isn’t disturbing anybody and I am not trying to cheat via that :)

We need that it is sooo cool

Yes, I hope to see it in Infinite flight

Classic livery. Anything for Belgium.
I love it

First we actually need to have the DC-10

Well if you stay tuned in the infinite flight news, the trijets are confirmed in infinite flight…

We definitely need this! I love this livery!