Saab JAS39 Gripen E-Series

Saab JAS39 Gripen E-Series

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Some reasons and ideas about this feature

Hello IFC, For todays request i am requesting the Saab Gripen E-series! My first reason is that we do not yet have a true high performance fighter that is up to the current standard of aircraft in Infinite Flight. I first thought of this idea whilst doing pattern work at the old San Clemente airport a former favourite of those who had live prior to global. I was flying in the brilliantly reworked A10 Warthog and had a tremendous flight. I thought why don’t we have more of these Military birds like this? The cockpits are sleek and modern and look brilliant at night with their neon lights as well as being able to do manoeuvres that other aircraft can’t (The casual server may prove me wrong). Reason 2: This aircraft also makes sense from a developmental front as it could be a starting place for new features such as Afterburners which could come in handy for the development of a certain Anglo French SST that was cancelled temporarily due to the fact that it is too difficult to develop at this time! Reason 3: Out of all the fighters to pick why this one? For a start you can just look at it! Its a gorgeous piece of Swedish Engineering. What also makes this fighter unique is that it would be our first European fighter (excluding the spitfire because it doesn’t quite break the sound barrier) we seem to be lacking in European designed aircraft outside of airbus of course and this Jet would give our simulator a little more diversity.

Some History

The Saab Gripen E-Series is a new and enhanced version of the old Gripen C-Series which was originally rolled out in 1989, however this new variant began pre-production in July 2013. The first test aircraft was rolled out in May 2016 at Saab’s airfield in Linköping, Sweden. It’s first customer was the Brazilian Air Force who had an aircraft delivered for testing in Septmeber 2019.

Aircraft Characteristics
Gripen E-Series design details

Length: 15.2m
Wingspan: 8.6m
MTOW: 16,500KG
Maximum Speed at high altitude: Mach 2
Maximum Speed at low altitude: 750 KTS
Fuel Capacity: 3.4t
Engine: GE F414G (22,000lb of thrust)

Cockpit design

The Gripen E-Series features a digital cockpit with three large multi-functional displays including a few 3D screens. The cockpit also features a hands-on-throttle-and-stick which provides superior situational awareness for the pilot.

Orders and Deliveries AKA possible liveries
  • Swedish Air Force
  • Brazilian Air Force (I advise you to look at that piece of Art)
  • Canadian Air Force
    (Be Advised this aircraft is quite new so this shortlist will be extended once more orders are placed.) EX. The Canadian Air Force are interested
Some Final Words

First and foremost I have to thank you for reading this topic it did take some time. But i would be even more grateful if would make this topic a reality, this of course can only happen with your votes! Let’s see the Gripen take to the skies of infinite flight! I will also leave a link in the Replies to a video that inspired me to make this post. Have a good day IFC!

Awesome request. Always up for more military aircraft, especially fighters! Be sure to vote for your own request though ;)


IF definitely needs more military its probably the given the least attention. The next update always seems to be GA or commercial the A10 was an exception its now my favourite pattern plane.


This is the link i mentioned above.


That is really beautiful!



This is such a detail request! Very nice, sadly don’t have a vote but would love to see some more fighters in the sim :)


We actually have the F-22 which is a fifth-generation aircraft and the F-18 which I agree is a little older being fourth-generation but it is still very much used so I’d consider that as well making that argument incorrect.

Apologies for this but I simply do not understand, you are saying that fighters diversity is the same as commercial aircraft diversity? I’m going to hold off on saying how incorrect this is as I just want to confirm this question.

They are slightly distinctive, I mean compared to the F-22 the only difference is the slight change in shape and one less rudder. Even both aircraft top speed is basically the same. using the point that they are “different” because it has one less rudder which is already covered by the F-16 and they have 113kts top speed difference does not mean it is “different”.

Yes, with commercial aircraft thanks to Airbus with their A300 - A380 and sometimes, rarely helicopters not their fighters.

If you are talking about fighters then yes, not everyone wants to make a multi-billion dollar aircraft, designed to murder groups of people at a time that would never produce enough to make even close to a profit.

Why? They are still part of the aircraft manufacturing industry in Europe.

To sum up, it is clear again that you are trying to make a point of differentiation when it is barely different from the current fighters in IF. While it may be in production, unlike the F-22, after looking at the actual technical side of the two compared the F-22 is rated better (JAS39 is rated Very Good while the F-22 is rated Excellent) in almost every category apart from price so clearly the aircraft already in IF is superior to the JAS39, hence only have three votes.

You seem to misunderstand my meaning of up to standard i’m talking about the quality of the aircraft in IF.

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Also what exact characteristics of commercial aircraft make them more diverse than fighter aircraft? The main differences I see from commercial aircraft are maximum range theres not much significant variation in the general physical appearance almost all commercial aircraft have a general swept wing design, they usually travel at near transonic cruise speeds, most of these aircraft have a similar cockpit usually the cockpit design is similar throughout all of one manufacturers aircraft. I hardly see what extra features the commercial aircraft have that make each aircraft more unique.

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Amazing request, I agree we need more military aircraft!

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Oh man another fighter.


This looks like a one engine Eurofighter Typhoon

Change My Mind

Very unique and detailed! Haven’t seen fighters beyond the A-10 and F-Series, correct me if I’m wrong. It would be nice to have this in-game, I’ll consider voting for sure!

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Firstly I can hardly see that an aircraft that was released in 2013 is up to the current standard of aircraft IE. Live cockpits. Number 2 the question wasn’t about differences between categories but rather a question on what characteristics do commercial aircraft have that make them more diverse than military aircraft. You mentioned above that the only difference between this aircraft and the F22 was that it had one less tail and a different shape, and that basically 2 fighters cover the entire category. That’s like making the statement “the 777 and 747 are basically the same, one has a hump and the other doesn’t and therefore that covers every wide body aircraft so let’s not bother with the rest. Like with these Commercial aircraft the handling is unique to each Fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots don’t simply go through a basic training which allows them to fly in every fighter ever because they’re all basically the same, just like a commercial pilots does the military pilots must get a “type certification” for lack of a better word. I’m not quite sure what your talking about In the last paragraph.

This jetfighter is really similar to the Eurofighter Typhoon

I will simply recommend a video (it’s the one I posted above) I won’t try to be a salesman I like both aircraft but the Gripen is my preference :)

They are quite similar however the Brazilian Grapen-E livery seduced me so this is my preference.

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This Video shows off its handling capabilities a bit better


Or this one :)

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I’m sure both of you know better than to not start a lengthy conversation that has not much to do with the OP. As I do not wish to see multiple flagging take place and the mods getting involved into something that can still be avoided as of now.

Kindly! – Let’s return back to the topic, and discuss what this feature request is about, shall we?