Saab 35 Draken

Its a swedish aircraft which was used in the swedish airforce a While ago


Looks cool

Would be a good addition

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Looks like mostly the engine will support it flying lol


But its an awesome thing they should add

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Draken means dragon in swedish.

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Cool so its basically the Dragon of the sky’s?

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Exactly :)

Saab 35 was one of it’s kind, it was the standard in fighting in Sweden for a long time and it was also the first Sweden fighter who reached Mach 2. Draken replaced the J29 Tunnan and J32 Lansen in the Swedish army. While they were still in service, the J35 took over slowly. This is a great plane and I’d love to see it in the game.


Do they still exist?

Its not in used but some Drakens is at museums in sweden.

I heard that this glides like a brick.
Does someone have more info on this?

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Thats exactly what I was thinking lol and I even asked too XD

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Like a typhoon 😂