Saab 340A

I believe this isn’t a duplicate


Hold on, isn’t the Saab 340 different than the Saab 340B? I read the 340B topic and someone said that they are a different aircraft.


Meh, I just want a Saab 340. :D


Well if they’re the same aircraft then yeah, it’s a duplicate. But if it’s different, then no.


Correct. There’s the Saab 340A and 340B.


But what’s the difference between them tough?

Slightly powerful engines and a couple extra seats. The 340B also has a higher MGTOW.

If you’re still confused, click here.

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The 340B has better fuel economy

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Saab 340 is too general in that case. Unless we want to close the other topic, which I’m fine with. Or we can have the A+B variants and close this.

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It’s not first on my list, but it does like an interesting little aircraft…It’d be good to see one day.

If it is only Fuel economy this could be considered a duplicate

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Look, the point is that a lot of people are hoping for the Saab 340. That’s all.

Yes but that’s not an excuse to create 3 topics about it

I too much want this bad boy


yayayay!!! we need this aircraft!

looks like a plane that is much needed!

Would definetly like to see this

This topic is old, I wouldn’t bump it up to the top as it is necroposting.