Saab 340 Regional Airliner

It’s more than needed… but I don’t think we’ll see him soon. Thousand of reworks before

I’d love to use that into places like Wick!

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Yeah we need this plane in the game, would love to fly Rex!! currently the largest operator of the type!

Hopefully this propliner gets selected in a future poll for the next aircraft to add.
Sol Lìneas Aéreas was an airline from Argentina that had a fleet of several SAAB 340s. If it’s ever added, I’d make a request for this livery.


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Rex Saab 340 :)

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Ooh, never heard of that one, but wow, that livery looks amazing.

The REX is is the reason I voted for the 340 hope it gets added one day

This so needs to be added!

If the Saab was ever to be added, The Rex Regional Airlines livery would be cool to have!



I would love the Saab 340 in the game as well as the Saab 2000. I’m in Canberra so I see a bunch of Link 340s. It’s a beautiful aircraft!

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defo an underrated request, will bring a lot of cool liverys, ESPECIALLY loganair would be awesonwe



Good Plane, Voted!

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How aerolitorial? Awesomeness turboprop aircraft

The accident happened in 2001 the SAAB 340 tries to land and crashed on ground

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Would love to see this especially REX and some others like Link Airways so i can fly more domestic routes throughout Australia!!

I think this Northwest one looks pretty sweet


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The Saab fleet are cool aircraft. Definitely a must for Infinite Flight 👍😀🇬🇧