SAAB 340 Regional Airliner


Exactly what I mean. Id prefer the PC 12 first however


We just got the TBM… What’s the difference really?



Oh wow you were just waiting for that weren’t you 😂 Anyway, not a huuuuge difference 🤷‍♂️

Oh but that’s the 900 not the 930


Prefer the look of the PC12 is the big one for me.


Lol It’s a great example of showing the difference

There’s a ton of difference, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message about the two!


Devs probably should have just added the PC12… Seems like people want it way more than the TBM. Before the update I had never heard of the TBM but I knew a ton about the PC12 🤷‍♂️


Can this request be changed into the SAAB 340/2000 family?


I disagree because it’s not the same aircraft.
In this topic I am voting for Saab 340 and no Saab 2000. One individual aircraft per request :)


We need more turboprops… 340… 2000…, even ATR props :)


The Saab 340B WestJet Link would be awesome!


I Myself love Saab in General. This would be a great addition to the regional turboprop airliners alongside the Dash 8 :)


Would be really cool to fly one of these in the Carribean with a Seaborne Airlines livery!


don’t forget Silver Airways