SAAB 340 Regional Airliner


Since the old one was closed and Henrik said a new one could be made, I have made a new topic for the

SAAB 340

The 340 is a Twin-Engined, Short haul airliner designed and built by SAAB of Sweden. It’s time of large production is over, but it is still in active service with the largest operator being Regional Express (REX) of Australia. It has seen service with several large airlines in the past, including American Airlines, Northwest and Ansett Australia.

Here is a picture of the beautiful short haul.

© Frank Schaefer

Tell me what you think on this.

Saab 340B

I would like this bit I would prefer the Saab 2000 or atr over this


Quite certainly my all-time favorite Turboprop airliner, wonderful aircraft.
Just that kind of plane Infinite Flight is still lacking, a regional turboprop airliner.

Totally got my vote.


Yes please! Amazing aircraft. Would be cool with the Rex and Kendell liveries.


I would LOVE this! This is the only aircraft I really want in IF: and to feature this livery:

Totally deserves my vote!


This got my vote, there is something about small twin engined aircraft that I just love


I actually removed a vote to vote for this! This would be a great plane to fly with global. You can fly to the Bahamas with Silver Airways and more!


The fact that we don’t have enough twin engine props. You absolutely gotta love em we need this aircraft for sure


The 340 alongside the 2000 would be awesome! Great addition to the Q400 currently in IF


Yes it would be a great addition, one that I would greatly appreciate


So this is basically a smaller version of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400?


The thing they have in common is the fact they hold a small amount of passengers and fly short haul


Not really. The only thing they have in common is that they don’t have turbine engines. Also what @Mad_Dog said above.


No. It’s just like looking at a Boeing 737-8 and a Airbus A319 Neo. (No winglets/sharklet) They look slightly similar but not similar in any way if you go in depth.


REX and Silver Airways, please! I used to own a REX virtual airline in roblox. Then I gave up roblox and bought myself a GJ1400 Silver Airways model.


Well first big difference is the wings sit below the fuselage.


The q 400 holds 78 passengers while the Saab 340 holds about 34 so seating wise the Saab 340 is more closely related to the q 100


Or the Q200. ;) That is very similar as well.


This is a great aircraft used for short haul regional flights. Could someone please re-request this aircraft so it gets more visibility on the forum? There are very few small regional aircraft truly needed in the simulator, and this is one of them. Thank you!


It’s still open, I think we can continue on this one