Saab 2000

No longer exists

I don’t think the Northwest livery still exists on the CRJ-900. There’s no reason we can’t have it.

Lol good plane but u can wait a veryyyyyy long time until the plane will be added into infinite flight [devs]

Every plane that once had worn the Crossair Livery deserves to be in Infinite Flight.


I’d like to see the Saab 340 first though if they’d ever add it.


I know just said it as a fact

Saw one today as well, flying for Loganair. Stunning aircraft

Love Saab series with the Fixed wing instead of those mounted on the top ! Especially the Loganair livery

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing the Loganair livery on the 2000’s much longer, switching to the ATR’s. The 2000 is just becoming to expensive to run with very limited parts becoming available.

It’s a real shame as the 2000 is a terrific turboprop with excellent capabilities on short exposed runways.

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Beautiful aircraft and liveries

Would love seeing this Saab in game!

It’s so weird to see a Eithad logo on something this small, I like it though

Bump baby!!

Cleared a vote for this

We need more commercial prop planes in the game.

Yes please!

The lack of votes for thie aircraft is disappointing. Just look at what we could have…



Wouldn’t this just be amazing?

I totally agree!! This would be a wonderful and needed addition to IF along with other turboprop aircraft like the ATR-72 and -42

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