Saab 2000 House Livery

I looked up the Saab 2000, and did see lots of requests, but I was mainly looking for the Saab logo on the plane. I love Saab (My bro used to own a 2004 Saab 9-3 convertible Aero 6-speed Manual, until a woman, who didn’t see us, came out right in front of us and we hit her. We had the right of way, she had a stop sign. She was at fault and the car was totaled, but this isn’t IF related. Back on topic)
I never seen a Saab 200 or 340 in person, but I would like to see one, and I am brand loyal to Saab. It would be awesome if it was in infinite Flight.
Like it’s smaller 340, it’s also a regional aircraft and this is a stretched version of the Saab 340. More seats and more range, and, the good part is that it’s a Saab :)


Looking good livery :)

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Ooh, I like it, it makes the aircraft look long. And if there’s one thing I despise, it’s “squishy” (short and fat) aircraft.

I like it!

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