SAA Virtual's Saturday Air Safari Tour! @ FAOR - 121900ZNOV17

Server: *Casual

Region: South Africa

Airport: FAOR

Time: 1900Z -EDT/AST


Introducing SAA Virtual’s Saturday’s Air Safari, where we will be doing a tour across the landscapes of South Africa. We will head to every major airport in South Africa, and some small but famous airports as well.One Airport every Saturday, starting at the airport we left off at. First, we will head down to Cape Town international, and from there we will be doing a coastal tour and landing at all major Coastal airports, then we will be exploring the most famous inland airports! This will be a continuous event spread across several months. Aircrafts will vary depending on route, and well will let you know which ones 😉. We hope you can join us on this long, wild, exciting, adventurous safari!

We depart as said before on Sunday (only this time) Nov 12 from FAOR-FACT. The ETE is a good 1h30-2h. Aircrafts we will be using are the A320, B737-800 (Both Generic), and the A340-600. (Just a quick reminder 😉 )

A01 @Josh_Tomaz -A340-6
A02 @Blizzard -A340-6
A03 @Ethan_Stiles (Velocity 130 Heavy )-A340-6
A04 -A340-6
A05 @RichCar_Theif (Springbok 55 44 Heavy) -A340-6

B08 -B737-8
B09 -B737-8
B10 @WHISKEY1 -B737-8
B11 @Captain_Brenneman -B737-8
B12 -B737-8

C01 @Marshall_Hilfman - A320
C02- A320
C03- A320
C04- A320

Cruising Speed: 0.80

I will add more gates if needed.


Mr-Flight-Manager-For-This-Airline would like a gate for the 340. please.

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You got it! Gate A01 is yours!

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@Owain_G Thanks mate!


Heck yah I’ll come A320. Love flying in Africa over the vast deserts even with 500m scenery!


Alright, @Marshall_Hilfman gate C01 is all yours!


I’ll be more then willing to take B11.


There you go @Captain_Brenneman, B11 is yours!

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I’ll take any Airbus A340-6 gate that is currently available!


Awesome! You have gate A02!

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Great event guys, Unfortunately I won’t be able to join, but I know you will enjoy.

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Just a reminder this will take place on Sunday 12th at 18:30Z. The rest of the event will take place every Saturday.


I would like a spot please? Velocity 130 heavy, A340-

Awesome gate A03 is yours!

What time does it start GMT

I’ll take a 737-8 gate please my kind sir!

Damn, I have to study, wont be able to attend.

Gate B10 is all yours!

It should be at 6:30 for you. @Ethan_Stiles

I’m currantly flying to EGLL from JFK and eta is 8-8.15 so might not be able to make it or may be late. Sorry