SAA Virtual's Saturday Air Safari Tour @ FACT - 241830ZNOV17

Server: Casual

Region: South Africa

Airport: FACT*

Time: 1830Z

NOTAM: SAA Virtual’s Saturday’s Air Safari, is a tour across the landscapes of South Africa. We will head to every major airport in South Africa, and some small but famous airports as well.One Airport every Saturday, starting at the airport we left off at. We will be doing a coastal tour and landing at all major Coastal airports, then we will be exploring the most famous inland airports! This will be a continuous event spread over several months. Aircrafts will vary depending on route, and well will let you know which ones 😉. We hope you can join us on this long, wild, exciting, adventurous safari!

We have completed our very first flight of the tour, and thank you @RichCar_Theif for showing up, and hope you enjoyed the flight!. Now on Saturday, November 24 at 1830Z we will continue our tour from FACT to FAGG. This will be a short flight, so we will might also do a touch and go at FAGG and land at FAPE.


Remote B01 @Owain_G -Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B03 @Ksisky -Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B04-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B06-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B07-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B09-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B10-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B12-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B13-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B15-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B16-Dash 8 -SA Express
Remote B18-Dash 8 -SA Express

A10- ERJ190 -Generic
A11- ERJ190 -Generic
A12- ERJ190 -Generic
A13 - ERJ190 -Generic
A14- ERJ190 -Generic
A15 - ERJ190 -Generic
A16 - ERJ190 -Generic
A17 - ERJ190 -Generic

C01- ERJ190 -Generic
C02 - ERJ190 -Generic
C03 - ERJ190 -Generic
C04 - ERJ190 -Generic
C05 - ERJ190 -Generic

Climbing Speed:200
Cruising Speed: 240kts
Decent Speed:160-180kts

I will add more gates if needed.

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Just a quick reminder this event is happening Saturday @ 1930Z. Hope some you can make it.

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This event had been moved to the 24th at 1830Z

Sounds like fun! I like to see more SAA events!

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Hi owain can I have a gate please

Sure SA Express or Airlink? @PilotA

I cannot fully commit, but sign me up for a Dash 8 Gate please. :)

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Ok gate B03 is yours! @Ksisky

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