SAA Goes All-Airbus

SAA goes all-Airbus

Some airlines stay in the dark when it comes to news coverage, and updates on the airline are rarely ever documented unless plenty of research is done. So today, I am going to inform you on some things that have been happening at South African Airways in the past few months.

A Farewell

Earlier in the second half of this year, SAA removed their 21 Boeing 737-800’s from their fleet, 14 of which were transferred to Mango, a subsidiary of SAA. The fate of the other 7 aircraft is unknown. The Boeing 737 has served SAA since 2000, operating their domestic and short-haul international flights. The reason for their retirement is unknown, but it can be speculated that either it was due to their age, or due to the financial crisis SAA has been dealing with in recent years. With the retirement of their 737-800’s, this leaves their fleet all-Airbus.

AFP/Gianluigi Guercia

A Welcome

Earlier in June, SAA acting-CEO Zukisa Ramasia confirmed that SAA will be acquiring 2 Airbus A350-900’s in the later half of 2019, not many details are known about the two aircraft, but their are rumors saying that the two aircraft will be acquired from Air Mauritius, and will replacing their aging A340’s. This move is intended to make a turn-around and possibly save the state-owned airline from bankruptcy.

Statement by SAA:

“SAA will supplement its existing long-haul fleet with new Airbus A350-900 aircraft, which are modern, twin-engine, and wide-body aircraft. These new-generation aircraft boast fuel-efficiency and other benefits and advantages,”

Statement by SAA Acting-CEO Zukisa Ramasia

“These aircraft present an immediate opportunity to offer an improved product between Johannesburg and New York which will be accompanied by unmatched and consistent customer experience for both Business and Economy Class customers,”
image SAA A350-900 (By X-Plane.Org )

I sincerely hope these changes can provide SAA with a massive turnover and save it from bankruptcy.


As an Airbus lover, I approve of this change.


Seems like a bit of a coincidence to me, not like they were replacing the 737s with A320s atleast with what I gather from you’re topic, and the A350 is a natural replacement for the A340, and anyway it is leased…

Wait, you mean A340 right?

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The two sections aren’t related that much to eachother, I am stating that both of these changes are important, the 737 made up most of their fleet. And the A350 could save the struggling airline.

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