SA Express CRJ-700


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A Brief Explanation of SA Express.

SA Express or South African Express is a state-owned airline of South Africa, while it is a subsidiary of SAA, along with Mango and SA Airlink, it operates independently. The Airline was founded in 1994, three years after the end of Apartheid. The airline mainly operates out of O.R Tambo International. It serves routes to smaller cities in South Africa aswell as 5 other African Countries, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, the DRC and Zambia. The airline operates a fleet of small aircraft, but recently aquired a Boeing 737-500 on wet-lease, they have a total of 23 aircraft of which 2 are CRJ-700’s. They previously had 2 more but they were retired. The airlines headquarters are in Kempton Park, outside of OR Tambo in Johannesburg

The CRJ-700
Design work on the CRJ700 by Bombardier started in 1995 and the programme was officially launched in January 1997. The CRJ700 is a stretched derivative of the CRJ200. The CRJ700 features a new wing with leading edge slats and a stretched and slightly widened fuselage, with a lowered floor. Its first flight took place on 27 May 1999. The aircraft’s FAA Type Certificate designation is the CL-600-2C10. The CRJ700 first entered commercial service with Brit Air in 2001. (


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