S7 Virtual - should It exist?

Here’s my take on S7 Virtual

The network is pretty extensive, but the number of liveries missing is too much for an airline outside of USA to gain traction here. I hoped they would add their 737 with the next update, but, as you know, that didn’t happen and the ERJ rework isn’t coming soon, so the possibility of them being added in the coming years is quite low.


I think @Vinne is correct, one VA can include different airlines but they cannot claim that they have like 3 different airlines in one VA.


You are free to apply for S7 Virtual if you wish to do so. A virtual organization has no claim of a subsidiary and it would be up to the virtual airline to extend a partnership to a VO to continue to allow them to fly that subsidiary


That Aeroflot virtual is no longer reserved

I mean I dont fly in Russia at all but I know many others do so I think go for it

I think it will be a great idea! I wish you the best of luck!

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That’s what I thought :)

Yeah, the Siberian Airports are quite untouched except for probably Vladivostok?

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Vladivostok is also untouched unfortunately but when my VO is approved. Russia will have a lot more planes than usual!

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