S7 | UHHH-UUEE | Airbus 319

Trans Russia flight in an Airbus 319

S7 | Expert Server | Estimated flight time: 7 hours 2 minutes | UHHH-UUEE | Airbus 319


Why are you cruising at M0.86 in the A319? The A320 family cruises at M0.79

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M0.78 if I’m not wrong😉


Still M0.86 is WAYYYYYYY too fast - @Ocean1c an explanation would be lovely :)

Your boy here is not trying to do a stop over :( Im not sure my self why the game allows me to go that fast. Most aircraft the speed limit is quite well set.

Nobody asked why I flew a c-172 at FL800 ST M1.5 )))


Fair enough. I did think that 7h was quite long for the A319.


You’ll never say hello to you
Until you get it on the red line overload
You’ll never know what you can do
Until you get it up as high as you can go

Lol get it!

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