S7 Edge problems

I recently installed IF on my S7 edge (I usually play it on my iPad) and it moves quite bad. I tried to lower the graphics but it’s the same. Can you help me please?

Clear your ram with clean master or similar app, if it doesnt work,restart your phone… and remember to close all background app before flying in IF

Ok. I’ll do that tomorrow because now it’s a bit late at me (22.14). Thanks very much!!


You can try the same steps to see if they help:

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Hey there buddy,
The S7 edge is still quite a powerful phone. Released in 2016, whilst not the best phone out there now, will still hold its own against a lot of newer devices.
Your S7 features a quad core processor, compared to the octa core featuring in lots of devices today; this means that your phone has less processing power.
That is, unless you are using the exynos chipped variant of your phone, which is an octa core.
Due to the lag you are experiencing, I’m going to assume you are running the Snapdragon S7.
Your GPU is quite new so it’s a surprise you are having lag on IF.
@Starley has linked a pretty useful topic above, and the usual suspects are to clear the ram, restart your device, turn your screen settings down, lower the game graphics .

Could you possibly install this application onto your phone?

•Don’t close down any apps. Open up this app and run for 1 minute. Screenshot your results.
•Restart your device and then run again for 1 minute without opening any other apps. Screenshot your results again.
•Either post here or send via DM

Basically this test will allow me to see if the root cause of this issue is your CPU. I am very familiar with this app and the results say a lot.

Many thanks dude!


Additionally make sure you are not running with any of Android’s battery savers enabled as this can cause poor performance.

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Could you try to lower your aircraft count?

One thing that can help a lot on those device is to reduce the display resolution in your device settings: How to Increase the Galaxy S9's Screen Resolution

(this should also work for S7 and 8 and many other android devices)

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I’m with power saver on. I need to turn it off right?

Yes, it is recommended to turn it off while using IF.

That’s the first one (the results are pretty good)

And that’s the 2nd one.
Is it ok?

That’s a lot higher than I was expecting. Basically this shows that your CPU is handling both thermal and software throttling without any issues, the only exception being about 2 cores that aren’t performing at their fullest. However, this wouldn’t link to any substantial lag.

It’s a last resort, but I’m going to recommend a factory reset whilst I attack my android phone with some figures.
Remember to back up your data if you choose to go ahead.

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But the 2nd one looks quite bad. Is it normal?

I’ve just done a traffic pattern and it was really laggy and my phone almost melt in my hands. My power saver was turned off. I don’t know what to do

Take a look at all the steps we recommended you (again) and see if you have tried them. If you have and it is still not working well, go for a factory reset. Don’t forget to secure your data as Kirito said above!

The only reason the second one looks bad is because you just restated your device. At this point, your CPU is still booting up, and compared to your average operating pace, it’s still impressive. I’ve seen worse figures on lots of other phones cough apple.

I would never usually suggest a factory reset… But until I can dig deeper into this issue I can’t really suggest anything else.