S7 Airlines New livery for A320

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In 2017, the largest Russian airline in terms of passenger traffic, S7 Airlines, changed its livery. It became more harmonious and calm, but remained as bright and green. Almost all planes have already been repainted in a new livery, so I would like an updated livery to appear in our simulator.

The VP-BOL board appeared in 2014 in S7 and has been flying there ever since, which I propose to add to the simulator.

Where can I fly S7?
1)Moscow(Domodedovo)-Malaga(costa del sol) 2)Moscow(Domodedovo)-Bari(Karol Wojtyła Airport) 3)Moscow(Domodedovo)-Simferopol

These are the routes that first came to mind, but S7 has a very wide route network, so it would be good for the community if a new livery appeared, we would be able to discover new horizons to enjoy virtual flight! Take care of happiness! S7 Airlines


Looks like a really great livery. However, please have a look in the category rules :)

Sorry, I was inattentive😐

No problem! Looks good now after the edit. Best of luck with this livery!

Thank. If you like, you can vote🤗

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Voted for this. There’s only so many routes S7 uses the A319 for nowadays, and are being phased out, so this will be perfect for more realistic routes within Russia.


Who wouldn’t like to fly 7hr long routes in this from Novosibirsk - Larnaca or Bangkok for example. Got my vote for sure.


The A319 is slowly becoming more obsolete and the A320 is more widespread throughout Russia. This definitely gives Novosibirsk, Domodedovo, and Irkutsk a chance to flourish. Plus these aircraft fly looooong routes over Siberia. Who wouldn’t like a nice long flight with a narrowbody?


As far as I know S7 left only one A319 Extra edition. You can rent it as your own plane. For example, for corporate or sports teams


whoever prefers. S7 flies both on a large route network in Russia and from Russia to Europe. I prefer to fly to Spain (tenerefe) or Austria (Insbruck) from Moscow

I hope there will be more Russian liveries in the next update💪


Really need some more Russian liveries. Bored of Sheremetyevo and Aeroflot A320


And a few juicy routes (actually I think it is only one…) to Munich my home airport also exist! I will vote!


I would fly to Munich from Novosibirsk. it’s almost seven hours of flight. S7 had such a flight

Let’s get together more votes to add the plane. If you like livery, vote, please🤝

not me totally not a fan of medium haul in general but I would like the livery though along with the 738 version

If it 737 were added, I would not be upset😂. 737 is better than cockpit. It’s just that the S7 fleet has more A32X than 737

S7 Oneworld is a good livery. This plane veteran of S7

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I still hope that IF developers will notice the desire of Russian-speaking users and add a livery🙂😌


S7 recently also got the first cargo 737-800, I would like to see it too one day.