S7 Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

I would love to see this and S7 Neo, and the AIX MAX and AIX Neo! Would be super cool to have two different aircrafts that are coming to IF in the same livery! Makes up some good competition even when they have the same livery!


Love this livery sm😍💚!!

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10 votes!!💚

I hope if this is added it will actually be a replacement for the 737 NG

Can we get 20 votes?💪🏼

Ok than, so should we add UIA or SkyUp airlines than?

No, that wouldn’t be logical. If SkyUp were to add MAXs in the meantime, then yes

@northster can you please teach me how to make a proper topic?

You created a topic for special livery which is not allowed and the topic was closed. That’s all

liveries dedicated to events that do not have the standard coloring of the airline and liveries that will definitely be repainted into regular ones after a certain time

Airlines have standart liveries and special ones (Imua One is exactly the special livery for one certain plane)

Right, but I was asking if we could get that in game, are you saying that that is not possible?

everything is not forever in this world, so we can’t be sure

You can read the rules here (they will explain better than me): Feature Category & Livery Request Changes

I’m not saying this. You created a topic which was technically a request for special livery which is not allowed due to guidelines. If devs decide to add it - they will, but we cannot create topics for those liveries

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due to the new rules this is not possible, but sometimes developers add special liveries at their own discretion for various reasons🙂

Could I creat a topic in futures to just have the normal Southwest livery added?

It’s already there


Aww man:( that’s sad.

No, just vote for this and and there will be happiness

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Can you still teach me how to make a high quality topic like this though?😁😁