S7 Airlines // B737-800

Hello everyone! Hope you’re good,

So this topic is about the B737-800 of S7 Airlines!
Yes i really want to see that livery in IF, because for me tjey aren’t so much Russian Airlines in IF.
So i hope you will vote because we need that baby! Right?

Don’t forget to move it to the right category ;)

Yes I know! Sorry 😅

Why I can’t?

Nothing to be sorry about! Just that wishing for votes is a tad difficult without that option being available… :)

Wait im gonna flag it

@moderators you can now close this topic!

Feel free to vote for it here:


Oh my bad i haven’t seen it sorry!

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If you want it to be closed, you can just delete the topic ;)

I can’t close it i have some problem

You can just flag your own post and get the mods’ attentions

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I mad it no problem! Thank you Sir! But it tell me that I can’t make that action! Why?