S7 airlines a321

This is an s7 A321. The airline currently operate 7 A321 and 4 A321 neo Aircraft

About s7 airlines

S7 airlines is a Siberian airline which operates in Russia. It’s headquarters are located in the Novosibirsk Oblast with offices in Moscow. In 2008 it was crowned the best Russian domestic airliner.
It was founded in 1957 and commenced operations in 1997 as Siberian airways.
More about S7 Airlines
S7 Airlines - Wikipedia

About the Airbus A321

The Airbus A321 or A321, as I will call it from now on, Is a member of the a320 family with a stretched fuselage. It first entered service in 1994 with Lufthansa. A total of 1975 have been built. It was later created into the A321 neo (new engine option) which seats 236.
More information can be found here
Airbus A321 - Wikipedia

I think this would be a great addition to the game as it will provide non pro players the Russian boost they need and the fact that s7 is lacking a lot of livery’s in the game.

Kind regards Gm2kmike20.

While it’s not a rule, it is always recommended to vote for your own request!


Will do that thanks

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Also there is already a request for this but it lacks detail, I linked it below and flagged it, it should be closed soon. 😉

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Oh cool thanks

Should I also flag it?

I flagged it, we don’t need to flag it twice the mods will see it.

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Alright will you vote for this beauty?

We need this in infinite flight as it will add to our s7 fleet which we lack please vote for it

Come on this livery’s hold be great to have in Infinite flight as it would be Russian low cost carrier!

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I like this livery, but I prefer the the old one.

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What was the old one?

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This is the old livery.



Well you can vote for the new one right?

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I am out of votes, sorry.

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Agh shame. Such a nice livery and is definitely missing from IF

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Currently we only have the s7 a319 in the old livery which is good to have but it doesn’t suit s7’s longer routes. As it doesn’t seem like we’re getting the a320neo air 737max the a321 would be the perfect fit to operate these routes from Russia to Asia for example Yekaterinburg to Phuket.

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What’s their longest route? A319 has like 10 hour range in IF.

I think it’s Yekaterinburg to Phuket it’s around 8 hours.

Yeah IF A319 can definitely do it then, maybe with lower load