S20FE issue

Device: S20FE

I wonder if anyone here can offer some advice. My device is a Samsung galaxy S20FE and lately for a few weeks it’s been struggling. IF will all of a sudden freeze, sound buzzes and the device restarts. All in game settings are on the lowest possible and yet it still does it every 1 of 2 flights. It used to perform perfectly on the highest settings in insanely busy airports but now it just can’t cope with anything. Device is all up to date plenty of storage, RAM etc… totally confused here. Thanks


Unfortunately, the issue you’re describing reminds me of an issue that previously plagued the S10 series with the Exynos chipset. The unfortunate part with that, was that there was nothing we could do. It resolved itself after a number of updates on Samsungs end.

I truly hope this isn’t the case here, but we’ll be keeping a very close eye on this.

Did your device receive any software updates that correlates with around the time this started?


No, it seems to be increasing in the frequency that it happens. For example it used to do it every so often then it increased to a couple of times a week then a couple of times a day now its almost every other flight no matter how short or long or traffic at airports used.

I concur the Exynos chipset issue, as this issue doesn’t seem to happen with devices equipped with snapdragon chipset. It is an issue that affects several Samsung devices and crash the whole system not just the Infinite Flight app.

Factors I figured but not proven, touching the screen and the volume of sound. Connecting the device to a mouse or touchpad, and putting the device volume down somehow reduces the chances of system crash while operating IF.


I dont get it. It used to be flawless.

I have S20FE 5G (snapdragon 865) runs very smooth, I would suggest you prob restart your phone and use game launcher+ game plugins for a better experience

I do. Like i said, it used to perform flawlessly

There is still a very important distinction to be made between the Exynos and Snapdragon chipset. The S10 issue in the past seemed to have only affected Exynos devices while Snapdragon devices were lucky enough to remain unscathed.

That said, I am running the Samsung S20 Ultra Exynos 990 with virtually the same chipset as the S20 FE. Barring thermal performance, something Exynos has historically been known to be lagging behind on, I haven’t been experiencing any of these random crash events and even if my app does crash, I might have been multi-tasking or using it in a way where crashes would obviously be made a lot more prone.

The biggest difference that I am able to see at a glance is the RAM capacity. Should there be a RAM leak, crashes would definitely be occurring much more frequently on the S20 FE than the S20 Ultra. Perhaps that’s a point of contention that should be looked into, though it may be unlikely.

@AndrewGraham, if I may ask, in which country was your device purchased in?

It was purchased in the UK

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