[S1E2] The Lufthansa Story - The climb - 1965 - 1975

[S1E2] The Lufthansa Story 1965 -1975

Date: 29.06.2017 - Author: Luca Schwahn (@LH-MUC)

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Welcome to the second part of our journey through the history of Lufthansa. This part will show you the second decade (1966-1975). Unfortunately this decade starts with an accident, a Convair CV-340 which crashed after a go around in Bremen, Germany. Until today the reason was not found out. At the 27th of June, 1966 Lufthansa made it’s first order for three Boeing 747-100 with what the wide-body age started. In 1967 at the 1st of May a large part of the practical pilot training was transfered to Phoenix, USA where Lufthansa pilots collect practical flight
experience until today. With the last flight of the L-1049 Super Constellation or ”Super Conny” a few months later at the 6th of October an era came to an end. Although she does not fly anymore, one specimen can still be seen at Munich Airport. In 1968 at the 10th of February the first Boeing 737 was delivered to Lufthansa. The so called ”City Jet” or ”Bobby” how it is often called by
Lufthansa pilots brought the comfort of jet aircraft on short haul routes. All in all Lufthansa had 140 machines of the Boeing 737 series in use: -100, -200QC, -200 Adv., -300, -400 and -500. In 1969 at the 14th of March the so called ”ATLAS” – contract is signed by Lufthansa, AirFrance, Sabena and Alitalia. This contract settles cooperation in various fields: Maintenance, Code-Share and conformist departure times. It can be seen as one of the first airline alliances. In 1970 at the 9th of March the first B747-100 ”Jumbo Jet” arrived in Frankfurt and one month later it went on it’s way for the first regular service flight to New York. Equipped with a new entertainment system and a much wider cabin it set new standards of comfort. Later Lufthansa operated the following versions of the Boeing 747: – 200; -200F; -400 and -8i. All in all 81 Boeing 747 were or are still flying around the globe for Lufthansa.

One year later the Boeing 747-200F (freighter version) also conquered the cargo market. In 1973 at the 16th of February Lufthansa received it’s 100th Boeing aircraft, a Boeing 727. One year later at the 14th of January the first non-Boeing jetliner took off for regular service, the DC-10. Equipped with 250 seats it was used for routes where a Boeing 707 would have been to small and a Boeing 747 to big. In the same year at the 20th of November a Boeing 747 ”D-ABYB” crashed after takeoff in Nairobi. 59 out of 157 people on board died. The accident was caused by a stall and until today it was
the most severe in the history of Lufthansa. In 1975 Lufthansa made it’s first order at Airbus for three A300B2 and nine options for more. Fort the first time ever an order for a european aircraft was made.

Next part coming 31.07.2017 : [S1E3] Lufthansa - The climb – 1965 – 1975
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I really enjoy this little series you started. It’s a great way to find out some information about different airlines. I especially like Lufthansa so it was interesting to read up about them. Nice work, and I can’t wait to see the next edition.


This is great story to read!


Thank you for your feedback!

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Great story! Loved reading it. Can’t wait for more.

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