S10+ Optimization

I recently purchased a new S10+ and noticed that some of the text in the corners are cut off. When will this device be fully optimized? Or am I doing something wrong. Thanks.

I don’t think you are doing something wrong this is a new device and isn’t fully optimized the newest iPad Air had this problem and has been fixed. Th S10+ will probably be fixed in the next update.

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I can also agree with the S10e, its because its a full screen design with no top or bottom bar, its stretched. It’ll hopefully be fixed in the optimisation


Thanks y’all. My device isn’t stretched as its just really boxy around the corners lol. Thanks for your help!

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So like the corners are not showing properly? If so, just go to game tools and turn off full screen. You will see black bars on the left and right but the stuff in the corners will show properly.

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