S h i n y @ KDCA

Hey IFC, today I bring you the second part of my previous topic. I actually forgot to make this topic, so its coming out a bit later than I wanted to. Oh well, not like it matters lmao. Anyways, these were taken whilst meeting up with @Plane-Train-TV and @Its_Zee. Most of the photos are from Gravelly Point, though the last few are from a spot on the bike path right near the threshold of runway 15. Enjoy :)

First up is an American A319 with a shiny bottom blasting off to either Charlotte, Boston, LaGuardia, or some other AA base.

Next up is yet another shiny Southwest 737 going to somewhere. I attempted gradients with these

A photo I really like is this one, a PSA CRJ-7 waiting for its gate in the runway 15 run-up area.

After sitting here for 30 mins, two CRJ’s finally moved. Say it with me everyone, Mitsubishi CRJ 😍@ToasterStroodie

Thats all for today folks, but expect another topic soon, as I just got back from seeing Spirit of the Islands :)

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Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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love the pictures by the way

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Great pictures!

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@FlyIf_0011IFPA @N908QD thanks!

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Very S h I n y , keep these awesome shots rolling!

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Nice shots!

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Awesome pics! 🔥

@Deltadev13 @BlueThunder08 @SWAviator thanks!


Awesome sauce 😎

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Shiny sauce 👍

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