Ryukyu Air Commuter (JAL) Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Ryukyu Air Commuter is part of the JAL (Japan Airlines) Group.

Before going in depth on my case for this Livery, I’m aware of a previous topic on RAC livery, however that topic refers to the old livery pre JAL.
There is also a thread requesting the Japan Air Commuter livery which is of less interest as it no longer operates.

Currently the Q400 is the only turboprop commercial Airliner in IF. As such is valuable as the only potential swap for any other turboprops Airlines operate.

JAL has a large fleet of SAAB-340B, ATR-72s and ATR-42s in addition to the aforementioned Q400s.

Given the Q400 is the only such turboprop present in IF, it is all the more important to have this livery in order to act as a replacement for all the routes covered by JAL turboprops.

The livery is clean, simple and beautiful like all other JAL liveries.

Source: Suikotei

I hope others who are interested in Japanese aviation will also find this livery of interest and vote.

Hey There! I’ve noticed your trying to support Japan and JAL, but unfortunately the amount of posts/day is now considered spam. According to Unicorn (Misha), 2-3 Posts a day is a bit OP.

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that livery is hot though

Thank you for bringing the daily limit on feature requests to my attention.

However I’d like to point out I have only initiated 2 feature requests, no more.

The topic indicates there to be a reasonable limit of 2-3 feature requests, not that one can vote or contribute to already existing feature requests.

If there is a hard limit on replying to others posts in this sub forum, that should be made explicit as my reading of the rules is the limit applies to requesting features and not to number of replies in already existing topics.


Yea, I’m a Japanese player, and I would love to see this aircraft fly in the game.


@Takahashi (son)… MaxSez: You have my vote on this one. Lived on Okinawa for 6 years pre-reversion onward. Had a home in Yagibaru village beside the OK Steam Bath on Rt1. Vacationed on many of the islands on the schedule route below by boat. Scheduled destinations ([[(
MaxSends (マックス)


You obviously have our vote! :) I hope they add this livery in the future!