RyMan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LFBO

- Hello Everyone! I would like to train up for IFATC! And any feedback is much appreciated! I will be going between different Airports! I was a recruitment but sadly it was terminated :(. So the earliest I can reapply is September 17th. So I should train until then!



: Server: Training

: Runways In use: 27


@VVESM4N, @VixenKasai, @BT_HANDLES

:Recruitment Status: Terminated: September 17th, 2022 to reapply

P.S. Old Tracking thread was closed because of age.



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So let’s fly in 15 😁


Sounds good! :)

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Ontario is now OPEN!


Of course when I want to test you… my power goes out. Which is connected to my Wi-Fi servers.

Please ping me the next time you open! Unfortunately I can’t attend right now.

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I will thanks!

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How long you gonna be open for? Need to get my grade up haha, happy to stop by for some landings

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I will be closing in about 5 minuets! But I can get a few more landings if you want!

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Feedback 6O-SMA

  • [18:34:51] here the transition altitude you gave me was incorrect. You have gave me 2000ft but it should’ve been 3500ft.

To find the altitude you would do: 2500ft + airport elevation than round to the nearest 500th

  • [18:36:33] here’s when I called inbound after the transition. You should’ve entered me right downwind instead of right base. You would want to enter people from their current position on the pattern.

Following with the clearance at [18:36:47] you should’ve gave me a traffic direction with it (make left/right traffic).

  • [18:42:20] this is on my second pattern. I don’t know why you cleared me to land. I was still doing pattern work so you need to clear me for the option every time unless I report a Full Stop. I tried to get you to clear me for the option when I report on right base for touch n go but you didn’t really think much of it.

  • [18:51:29] on my third pattern I didn’t get a clearance at all which is why I announced a go around. Make sure to give a clearance on every pattern.

  • [18:55:01] once I requested a departure after my go around make sure to give a frequency at a reasonable distance, you don’t need to wait too long on it— in this case I had to request myself. Also pay attention to the frequency’s you give me cause I shouldn’t have told me to contact socal departure.

Other than these you did great! Feel free to DM me on discord or even PM here if you have any questions. Thanks for the service today @AviatorRyan

P.S. Tag me next time you open 😉


Thanks for the feedback! Yes I am still working on pattern instructions. Yes I will DM you on Discord with any questions I may have! See you in my next session! :)

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Thanks for atc touch and goes.
Keep up the good work. Reported beeing on left base once because I was not sure you where still with me. I think you called me nr 1 when in fact I was nr 2? Bit of a hazard once when I was turning on final 26L and large aircraft was coming in on 26R. That was to close, you could have asked me to extend downwind and call my base.
Hope you find this feedback useful. I do atc on this server every now and than and I know it isn’t easy. Thank you for giving me the chance to do some touch and goes next time. Hope to meet you again soon in the sky or at the tower.

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes this is great feedback! See you again soon! :)


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Hey hey Here is Bullet 99 feedbacks…

✅ P/B and taxi
⚠️ [18:39:33] Unnecessary LUAW … the runway was clear
✅ T/O clearance with direction
✅ Good clearance as #1 for my first pass
⚠️ [18:48:45] You cleared me as #1… You should have sequenced me as #2 behind traffic on left d/w (behind PH-MEL)
⚠️ [18:49:42] You didn’t resequenced me after clearing PH-MEL as #1
❌ [18:56:38] You told me to enter left base…I was not even back at midfield on my d/w…this was making no sense 😳.
⚠️ [19:00:23] You cleared me as #2 but PH-MEL was way passed the threshold…should have been #1
⚠️ [19:02:16] Late exit runway…at 50… issue it around 70-90KT

Here it is from me… hope this will help

Feel free to tag me or DM on discord…it is easier for me there

Thanks f or the service! See ya!


Tag me when you open

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Thanks for the feedback! I will defiantly DM you with any questions!

I will tag you the next time I am open! :)


My observations:

  • You didn’t clear me for anything without me announcing my position, which caused multiple go arounds. I really shouldn’t have to announce anything; there is no such thing as a clearance that is too early if you know for a fact the runway will be clear. On my first approach, I didn’t receive a clearance even after reporting on final. On the other occasions I did get a clearance after the report, but again, if the pilot’s intentions and state of the runway are both known, you can clear them at any point during the pattern. Same with sequencing; no need to wait.

  • On the second runway change, you gave me an “enter right base” command and turned me into a very tight approach I was not configured for. You don’t necessarily have to advance their pattern, an “enter left downwind” command would’ve been perfect. It’s not meant to instruct a change in the pattern so much as simply orient the pilot with regards to their new runway.

  • I didn’t get an exit runway command despite remaining on the runway at 30-40kts, passing multiple exits just to make sure you had plenty of time. I was taught to give this command at around 60kts, but I usually do it whenever the pilot seems to have settled into the landing rollout.

Otherwise not too bad! I unfortunately wasn’t able to interact with any other traffic so I can’t speak to your sequencing. Keep it up!

Like the others I would love a tag next time you’re open. I’m not on here as often as I used to be so no promises but always nice to know haha.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes… I am still working on the Pattern entries and all that. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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