RyMan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KPSP

Hello this will be on the training server

  1. Tower
  2. Ground
    Take-off Runways: 13R I 31L
    Landing Runways: 13R I 31L
    Pattern Work: ALLOWED
    Pattern altitude: Props : 2,000 ft AAL I Jets: 2,500ft AAL
    Please Follow ATC Rules and Be respectful and pls keep safe distance from aircraft. Thx :)

Runways Closed 31L/ 13L

Thanks and have fun :)

Im coming btw!!!

Thx! see u there!

I see u in a cessna 172!

I was about to contact tower lol I was doign my run up😂😂

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I’ll be departing but don’t leave im gonna test a few things so dont go offline

haha lol!!! I can understand that

All right!

Sorry I disconnected coming back now

No worries :)

I’m coming!

great see u there :)

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oof forgot to put up my gear after takeoff

Hey its alwight :)

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Ill be there just doin some pattern work.

Gotcha ;)!

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Great job! although I was confused when I said left donwind and touch and goes and you said roger. I though you were supposed to say Cleared for the option, after option, make right or left traffic.

Yeah sorry about that i am still learning how to do this atc I will get better hopefully thanks for stopping by this was an honor!

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No problem! Thanks for controlling!

Ur welcome!

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